Euro Suisse sources large quantities of products for its’ own brands. We share this service with many leading organisations from around the world to provide them with high quality products under their own brands

From product design to sample development, manufacturing, inspection and shipping, we can manage the entire process on your behalf locally from our offices in Hong Kong/Shenzhen and worldwide.

Our sourcing and quality management teams are on the ground in China, watching over your products every day. This enables us to provide you with faster sample turn around, better prices, more consistent quality and on-time delivery.

Our quality team will make sure that your goods are well made and meet your specification. They will also protect your brand by ensuring that your goods are made only in factories that meet todays ethical and environmental standards.


Consolidating Buying Power

We employ our annual sourcing volume as a lever to negotiate lower price for all clients. We consolidate purchases of various clients among a few vendors for each category

Obsessively Focussed

We focus exclusively on categories for which we have extensive product expertise, several years of experience and dependable vendor portfolios based in sourcing countries where we maintain an active office

Reliable Quality

Our in-house quality team and engineers collaborate to ensure quality standards. We establish inspection standard plans with our clients and vendors ensuring we meet and exceed the standards agreed with our clients.

Extensive Vendor Network

Thanks to our 60-year long experience in the industry we assure competitive sourcing over our extensive network of factories. Hence, we guarantee great value and quality products.

Totally Transparent

We are totally transparent with respect to our activities, resources and the vendors or factories with which we work. We qualify technically these factories and audit them for compliance

Highly Accountable

We commit and we deliver on quality level and shipment dates. Where necessary consolidate containers across vendors around China. We maintain a nimble organisation to meet our clients changing needs, they interact with clearly identified, highly accountable counterparts.