Magicbox is a UK based consumer electronics company recognised for its commitment to innovation.
Fundamental to our brand is a core belief that there is no substitute for listening to our customers. We are committed to excellence and know that the best way to create successful products is by really understanding customer needs and combining this with our knowledge of technology to deliver genuine customer benefit at a sensible price.


This principle has been put into practice with the launch of a number of influential innovations which have subsequently been adopted by some of the world's largest companies. These innovations have included:


  • Europes first long range private mobile radio
  • Europes first touch sensitive cordless telephone
  • Europes first Wi Fi internet radio


We recognise that not only do our products have to be functionally excellent; they also have to look great. To achieve this we invest extensively in product design and work with the very best of British design talent to create products that our customers will be proud to own.


The main focus of Magicbox today is in the telecommunications and digital audio field where we continue to innovate for success.


Magicbox was created in the UK and is rapidly becoming an international business as demand for our products grows from around the world.



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