Freeplay Energy has been the original and leading global brand of clean, dependable energy products since 1994. Freeplay Energy's patented technology harnesses human, solar and rechargeable energy and converts it into electricity to power unique portable consumer products, replacing conventional disposable batteries that are environmentally toxic and expensive.


The current product range includes radios, flashlights, lanterns, and mobile power devices designed for both the Aid & Development market & the Retail market. Freeplay Energy's Lifeline radio is distributed throughout the developing world by aid and development organizations such as UNICEF and other United Nations agencies.


Driven by our core purpose: "To make energy available to everybody all of the time", Freeplay Energy seeks to maintain its leadership in creating and developing the market for self sufficient energy products internationally. We are accomplishing this through both the establishment of our own products in the market, and the formation of strategic alliances with partners that bring compatible technology and market leadership.





The Beginning


It was whilst watching a BBC documentary in April 1994 that Chris Staines first realized the potential of an innovative idea from British inventor, Trevor Baylis. "The Clockwork Radio", as the device was first known, was proposed as a means of halting the spread of Aids in Africa through better education. Traditional radio, although widespread, relied on an electrical supply or the availability of disposable batteries - both of which were in short supply across the continent. Chris immediately realised that the potential for self-sufficient electronics could go much further than radio and Africa. And so the "self-sufficient electronics industry" and the Freeplay Energy Group (the company formed to develop the idea) were born.


Partners and Support


Starting with a grant from the British Government to develop the Clockwork Radio idea, subsequent investors have included Liberty Life, Gordon and Anita Roddick (of The Body Shop International PLC), The General Electric Pension Trust, SACGF managed by Zepher Inc. and Worldspace Inc. Of no less importance has been the continued endorsement of heads of state, royalty, celebrities and community leaders around the world. Supporters include the Red Cross, CARE, Warchild, The United Nations, the European Union, private individuals, the humanitarian agencies of the United States, Britain, Japan, and many others.


Technology and Design


New and improved technology has seen a change from the old steel spring mechanism to a direct-charge generator, allowing the user to keep winding for as long as they like - storing all the energy they need.


And the latest generation of Freeplay products are:

  • smaller
  • lighter
  • more efficient
  • rugged design
  • lower price point


In addition to the fundamental needs of people - nutrition, hygiene, security - are the needs for communication and for light. Since the first wind-up radio was produced in February 1996, the Freeplay story has been one of pioneering and developing technology to serve the needs of humankind from all walks of life. Freeplay products are widely available across North America and Europe, and are vital accessories in the poorest non-developed lands.


The Future


The awareness and demand for self-sufficient technology is continuing to increase, and Freeplay is committed to being a driving force in the development of this technology. Our efforts have resulted in ever smaller, more efficient energy sources, matched to better and better applications and Freeplay continues to partner with the world leading technology providers to ensure that its technology and know-how remain state of the art.


Freeplay Energy was acquired by Euro Suisse group in July 2010.


Freeplay Energy and its customers will benefit greatly from the sound financial backing and added expertise of Euro Suisse, enabling Freeplay Energy to invest and manufacture new and exciting alternative energy products.